Manufacturer of furniture for homes, offices,
commercial and tourist sites.
  • Welcome to Meblex. We are a privately owned firm, created in 1989, located in Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • We design, assemble and deliver furniture for homes, offices, tourist and commercial sites.
  • We specialize in the production of high quality, non standart, contemporary furniture.
  • Our Clients are our most important asset and we know we can win their trust only through impeccable servicing.
  • For more than 20 years we never ceased to evolve, continuously integrating the newest trends in the field of furniture manufacturing.
All the stages of the production cycle take place in our well developed production site, which is fit with the necessary equipment and technologies required for the production of various types of quality modern furniture.

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Our main activities include design, production, delivery and assembly of furniture for homes, offices, commercial and tourist sites. We specialise in the producion of non standard furniture.

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About us
Furniture Factory Meblex is a privately owned firm, created in 1989, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. We produce high quality contemporary furniture for all purposes and needs.

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When manufacturing hotel furniture we aim to adhere to a specific style of the furniture in the different rooms so that it meets the demands of the surrounding environment and the architecture of the building itself. This is one of the main reasons as to why we do our utmost to create a unique and exclusive furnishing style for each and every hotel.
Furniture for operating, managerial and luxury class offices. We offer standard furniture, built to meet the demands for functionality and practicality, and bespoke furniture required by companies whose work dictates a strict adherement to a set of pre-defined standards in terms of style, purpose, construction, materials and technology.
Bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, home offices, garden furniture. When drafting the project for your home we take into consideration each and every single item's purpose and surroundings. Depending on whether the furniture will be used for sleeping, resting or working we choose the most suitable materials.
For those clients who already have an established company image we create furniture adhering to the corporate style and colour combinations. We strive to make the necessary styling corrections in order to preserve the distinctive elements that define the company image.
For such institutions, companies and organisations which require specially built facilities. We offer furniture which meets the specific functional requirements of these spaces and which allows the successful functioning of special equipment.
We offer furnishing for shopping malls, supermarkets, boutiques, hair salons, pharmacies, libraries, restaurants, petrol stations. Commercial sites require custom furniture that meets their purpose and necessities whilst at the same time contributes to their aesthetics and functionality.
Palace of Justice - Sofia
Bulgarian Post Office
Hospital Doverie
Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria
Salt Palace Hotel - Sofia
Medite Hotel - Sandanski
Holiday Resort "Sanatorii Iug" - Russia
Shell Bulgaria
Samsung Bulgaria
Russian Embassy - Sofia
Solvey Pharma
Kofief Bulgaria
Codix Bulgaria
Intelligent Systems Bulgaria
Cosmos Hotel - Varna
Laguna Hotel - St. Vlas
Eros Hotel - Sandanski
and many others...
Meblex is certified according to the international quality standard
ISO 9001:2008.