At Meblex we specialise in the producion of non standard furniture. We design, produce, deliver and assemble furniture for homes, offices, commercial and tourist spaces.

All the stages of the production cycle take place in our well developed production site, which is fit with the necessary equipment and technologies required for the production of various types of quality contemporary furniture.

Our production capacity allows us to produce both standard and custom made furniture for small, medium and large projects.

When drafting the project for your home we take into consideration each and every single item's purpose and surroundings. Depending on whether the furniture will be used for sleeping, resting or working we choose the most suitable materials.
We only use materials and technologies which meet the needs defined by the item's purpose such as durability, type of construction and fittings, water-proof materials, heat-proof materials etc.

Color solutions
The options are numerous. We offer our clients a vast array of color materials which are used in the manufacturing process.

Operating, managerial and luxury class offices: desks, containers, cabinets, conference halls, chairs and accessories.
Standard Office Furniture
Built to meet the demands of the working environment whilst observing the needs of the surrounding space, practicality and functionality.

The standard office furniture is comprised of modules which can be combined in many ways in order to create a practical working environment which satisfies the needs of its users.

Non Standard Office Furniture
Furniture required by companies whose work dictates a strict adherement to a set of pre-defined standards in terms of style, purpose, construction, materials and technology.

Custom made office furniture is designed to meet the specific requirements with regard to the organization of work, retaining all features of standard furniture. The result is a combination of practicality and functionality that aims to satisfy even the most specific needs.
Combining standard and non standard furniture
Often when working on such projects we aim to integrate standard modules in the furniture. The combination of standard and non standard allows for a quick completion of the order and lower project costs.

Conversly, when fulfilling a project for standard office furniture we offer the posibility to combine it with non standard furniture. Our goal is to meet the complex aesthetics and functionality of the furniture.

Hotel furniture – receptions, lobbies, restaurants, spa & fitness centres, bars and conference rooms
The most important factors to consider in this type of projects are functionality, universality and aesthetics. Simplified, compact structures which do not take up much space are dominant in this category.

While creating projects for Hotel furniture we pay particular attention to: Only after carefully considering these factors we choose the style, materials, accessories and technologies.
When creating such projects we aim to adhere to specific style of the furniture in the different rooms so that it meets the demands of the surrounding environment and the architecture of the building itself. This is one of the main reasons as to why we do our utmost to create a unique and exclusive furnishing style for each and every hotel.

Color Solutions
We offer our clients a wide array of color materials which are used in our production.

Commercial sites require special furniture that meets their purposes and necessities whilst at the same time contributes to their aesthetics and functionality.
Meblex offers furniture for such institutions, companies and organisations which require specially built facilities. We offer furniture which meets the specific functional requirements of these spaces and which allow the successful integration and functionality of the equipment.
For those clients who already have an established company image we create furniture adhering to the corporate style and colour combinations.

When producing furniture for companies and institutions with an established image we strive to make the necessary styling corrections in order to preserve the distinctive elements that describe the company image.

We will thus choose the materials, technologies and colours that best reflect the image of the corporation. It is therefore always necessary that we prepare a unique project for every occasion.

Color Solutions
The options are numerous. We always take into account the requirements, specifications and preferences of our clients, which are often dictated by the image and activity of the company.
Very often the image of a company is strognly related to a specific colour combination. The great variety of colours that we offer allows us to adhere to the particular style.
We guarantee that our furniture complies with the requirements set and we make it our priority to use only quality materials and technologies in all our products.

If any of our products prove defective without any intervention from the customer and within the period of the warranty we will repair them immediately without any additional charges.

We also offer post-warranty services at prefferential rates.